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Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement 

To Serve The Public by advocating the improvement of communities through the alternative of inspirational arts. 

Vision Statement 

Establishing Unity, Team work, and Identity in global communities through arts 


What We Do

  The STP Foundation mentors and educates both youth and adults of all ages. Our primary programs are focused on youth development, graffiti abatement, gang intervention, and community engagement projects.

 The murals and art projects our organization produces are created by some of California’s historic and most talented artists. These artists take pride in the culture as well as the cause. The STP Foundation is focused on restoring old as well as producing new murals.

 STP teaches techniques and styles for different fonts, characters both realistic and animated using many different artistic tools. This includes, but is not limited to, pencils, pens, markers, brushes, and aerosol paint. We strive to maintain individual identity and preserve the true meaning of urban art while embracing and encouraging all other forms of art. 


Our Story

  The Setting The Pace Foundation is a group of creative and collective artists from different industries. Founded in 1987, STP celebrates its 30th year in 2017. With deep roots in the community, The Setting The Pace Foundation has been involved in a wide range of activities that include murals and community restoration projects while mentoring and educating children and young adults. The STP Foundation artwork can be found throughout Los Angeles County. Moreover, our work is consistently displayed in art galleries throughout the country.  

Setting The Pace Foundation

Our Services

John R Wooden High School Mural Project in Reseda

John R Wooden High School Mural Project in Reseda

Art Workshops

Educational Programs 

Graffiti Abatement Programs 

Gang Intervention Programs

Youth Development Programs 

Art Classes Personal and Group


John R Wooden High School Mural Project in Reseda

John R Wooden High School Mural Project in Reseda

John R Wooden High School Mural Project in Reseda

We are currently working on a mural workshop at Jhn R Wooden High School at 18741 Elkwood St Reseda Ca 91335. The project involved working with the students and staff on building a customized concept for a mural and painting it side by side with artists from the STP Foundation 

City of Los Angeles Projects

John R Wooden High School Mural Project in Reseda

City of Los Angeles Projects

The STP Foundation will be rolling out a new graffiti abatement program focused on youth offenders and alternatives. Email us for more information

Upcoming Events

New Year New Paint

City of Los Angeles Projects

Spring is around the corner and events are filling up fast. Contact us to help bring any of your artistic ideas to life. From educational workshops, to murals of any size. The STP Foundation can help make your vision a reality. 

New Year New Paint

New Year New Paint

New Year New Paint

In 2018 we have already booked multiple city related community murals. There will be more information to follow, as well as how you can get involved


New Year New Paint

New Year New Paint

Q: What can I do to volunteer and help
A: We have many opportunities to help. If it's with one of our workshops, community events, or administrative functions, there are many ways to be involved. Just email is and we can figure out what works best for you.

Q; Can I drop off supplies for murals and or your workshops
A: Yes! We appreciate any and all materials. If it's paint, brushes, or any other relevant material, anything and everything is appreciated.

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