Venice Ecofest

Venice Ecofest

Saturday, June 28, 2008 10am - 7pm

The Venice Art Walls will be participating in the Venice Ecofest on Saturday June 28th. Artists are invited to paint on the walls with ecco-friendly paints. The area will be closed to spray painting on this day

ICU Art and the Ecofest will be providing free paint, brushes, rollers and buckets for artists to paint. All artists painting will need to obtain a free permit to paint on the walls like any other day. Permits are free as always.

We are hoping that many artists will still paint in a graffiti art style, only with bucket paint. We are also encouraging minors to participate in this day, as they will be given free materials to paint.

Several prominent LA graffiti artists will be painting, demonstrating how the graffiti style aesthetic can be effectively achieved with more traditional types of materials. We will also be experimenting with some new eco-friendly equipment and materials.

Artists that wish to paint can simply show up with their ID or they can contact Stash Maleski of ICU Art for more info at or (310) 309-7756.

Artists who would like to paint on the large walls must show a sketch in advance or on that day to secure space on those walls. Artists painting on the cones, trash cans or on their own canvas that they bring, do not need to show a sketch, but do have to agree to use only approved materials on this day.

Artists are encouraged to paint between noon and 5PM. The free materials will be distributed at 11:30. Artists should check in between 11am and 11:30am for wall assignments and color selections so that they can start painting at noon.

For more information visit the Earth Day Los Angeles Site.