New Rules For The Venice Art Walls

Rules Go Into Effect June 3, 2007

A six-month pilot program managed by Venice-based ICU Art will administer new rules and a system of permits for artist at the site formally know as the Venice Graffiti Walls. The walls will be closed for painting on weekdays, and only permitted artists will be able to paint on weekends. Minors will only be able to paint with brush and roller.

In response to Venice-area resident's complaints about increased vandalism in the area surrounding the Venice Art Walls, ICU Art has negotiated a Pilot Program with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks and other area community groups to mitigate any possible negative effects the walls may have on the community. In partnership with a wide range of locals groups, ICU Art will have monitors present in the Walls area all day on Saturdays, Sundays and City of LA holidays to issue permits to artists to paint in the area.

Permits will be free of charge and will be valid for that day only. To paint on the Large Walls, artists will need a crew of at least three people, and will present a sketch of what they intend to paint. The last pieces to go up on Sunday afternoon will stay up the entire week. The Small Walls, including the cones, the tabletops and trash cans in the area will be open for spontaneous artwork without a sketch. All artists will be required to wear a valid Permit to Paint at all times. Because it is California state law, people under the age of 18 will not be able to possess or use spray paint in the area. The walls will closed for painting on weekdays, and will be patrolled by the LAPD, Park Rangers and the Department of Recreation & Parks. Violaters will be ticketed by the LAPD.

To kick-off the new program, ICU Art will be sponsoring a Live Painting Event on Sunday, June 3rd from 10AM - 7PM. Artists interesting in painting should contact ICU Art. To support these efforts, the City of LA will be doing enhanced vandalism abatement in the area with the support of area community groups, area businesses and homeowners. Residents interested in reporting vandalism for removal should call the Venice Graffiti Committee Hotline at: (310) 317-7126, or call the City of Los Angeles directly by dialing "311."

ICU Art asks for the support of the artists that use the area, as this is our best hope to maintain this important cultural and historic landmark here in Venice. Without the support of the artists, this program will fail. Please respect the area and do your part.

Thank you
Stash Maleski, Director ICU Art - In Creative Unity

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