Donations and Development

If you would like to make a donation towards the program at the Venice Public Art Walls, we would greatly appreciate your support. You may specify towards what area your funds should be directed or you may allow us to allocate the funds to the area we feel they are most urgently needed. If you have an idea for a program yourself that could utilize the Venice Art Walls such as a mural workshop for youth, we are happy to talk to you about creating a program around your significant financial contribution.

The Chrysalis Project is the Fiscal Receiver for the Venice Public Art Walls program. They are a Los Angeles based, non-profit organization whose 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status is recognized by the State of California and the IRS. This means that some or all of the funds you donate will be tax deductible. Consult your accountant for more details. For more information about the Chrysalis Project go to About Us or go to

Specific Areas of Need

Education and Outreach

We are currently seeking funds to help us do more outreach to area middle schools and high schools to educate the youth about how they can utilize the Venice Art Walls. We are hoping to do art workshops for youth under the age of 18. Due to California State law prohibiting the purchase or possession of spray paint by minors, youths under the age of 18 cannot use spray paint in the area. We would like to encourage these kids to paint at the walls using brush and rollers. We hope to show them that beautiful, graffiti-style pieces can be created without the use of a spray can.

Area Improvements

We hope to make several important permanent improvements to the area. We would like to install solar powered lights to illuminate the walls at night for security purposes and to further showcase the incredible artwork. We need additional trashcans and signage in the area. We would like to occasionally bring in portable walls to provide more surface area for people to paint.

Live Painting Events

Generally, once a year ICU Art presents a Live Graffiti Art Paint out where top-notch crews of artists are invited to paint all the walls of the Venice Art Walls. We provide paint, a sound system with a DJ, and refreshments for artists. We would like to do more events of this sort in the future and your contributions would be help us pay for event expenses.

Donations - Wall Mural

Donations - Painting Event

Donations - Kids Art Workshop

Donations - Trash Clean Up

Vandalism Removal in the Area

We try to reduce the impact of any possible effects the Walls may have on the area in terms of vandalism. We periodically assist neighborhood businesses and residents by painting out vandalism.

Venice Area Mural Protection

The murals of Venice are a valuable cultural asset that we hope to protect. We hope to raise funds to be able to put protective clear coats over certain murals and to repaint or restore others when they get damaged. Part of what the process involves is simply to monitor specific murals, document issues and quickly fix them to reduce the payoff of would be vandals.

Routine Maintenance

Although the City of LA does their best along with our staff to keep the area clean, we periodically assist the City by cleaning the area on weekdays even when our program is not fully active.

Sponsor/Donor Recognition

To show our appreciation of donor support, we offer to list donors that give their permission on our list of supporters. Companies wishing to donate may have their company logo included on our donor support page as well.

In Kind Donations

We recognize that some of the most valuable contributions are not monetary. Companies or individuals that have goods or services that would be of help to us are encouraged to give and be recognized.

Individual or Corporate Sponsorship

Individual and Corporate Sponsorship of any level is appreciated. However, we do want to give extra credit when extra credit is due. Specific levels of giving are indicated below. Contributors will be recognized on our website and in any of our major publications. If you wish to be recognized, but do not want to be associated with any specific level of giving, that is fine. You may indicate this as your preference. You may also be credited as "Anonymous" if you like.